Discovering Italy with Kids: Top Family-Friendly Attractions and Activities

Family-Friendly Attractions

Italy is a great destination for families. The country has something to offer everyone, from history buffs to art lovers and foodies alike. There are many family-friendly attractions in Italy that you can enjoy with your kids during your stay there. Here are some of our favorites:

Family-Friendly Attractions and Activities

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most famous attractions in Rome and is definitely a must-see for any family visiting the city. The history behind this massive stadium is fascinating, and it’s easy to see why it has stood strong for centuries while other structures have crumbled around it.

The Colosseum was built in 80 AD by Emperor Vespasian as an arena where gladiators could fight each other or wild animals; however, its purpose changed over time: It was later used as an amphitheater for public executions and even hosted concerts! Nowadays, you can explore this incredible structure on your own or take part in an organized tour led by an expert guide who will tell you all about its history before showing off some impressive feats of acrobatics (just don’t try them yourself).

Tickets are available online through Ticketone or at any tourist information center near Termini Station when purchasing tickets ahead of time–but if there aren’t any available on those sites then just show up early because they sell out fast!

Museo Explora

Museo Explora is a hands-on museum that’s perfect for kids. The exhibits are designed to be interactive, so you can learn about science and art by doing. There are also lots of workshops and events where kids can get involved in real experiments.

The location is in downtown Milan, just north of the Duomo cathedral (the big green dome). There are multiple entrances to the museum; look for signs pointing you toward “Museo” or “Explora.” You’ll need to book tickets online before visiting as they sell out quickly!

The age range is 4-12 years old; younger children may struggle with some activities but will still have fun exploring with their parents or older siblings.

The Grand Canal in Venice

The Grand Canal is one of the most famous waterways in the world, and it’s easy to see why. This famous canal connects all of Venice’s islands together and is lined with beautiful palazzos (mansions), churches, and bridges.
The best way to see this historic waterway is by boat tour; there are several companies offering them along with different routes that take you through different parts of Venice’s canals. You can choose from a half-day or full day tour depending on how much time you have at your disposal–and if you want lunch included! The cost will vary depending on which company you book through but generally ranges between $50-$100 per person for adults and $30-$60 per child depending on age groupings (usually under 12).

Museo Galileo

The Museo Galileo is a must-see for any family interested in the history of science. The museum’s exhibits are divided into three sections: “The History of Science,” “The Universe” and “Earth.” In addition to these permanent collections, there are rotating exhibitions that feature some of Italy’s most famous scientists such as Galileo Galilei himself.

The museum also has an extensive library with more than 50,000 books on astronomy and physics. Visitors can take advantage of free Wi-Fi while they browse through the collection or listen to lectures given by experts at various times during the week (from Monday through Friday). If you’re looking for something more hands-on than simply reading about science concepts from books or watching videos online, then this could be a great option!

You can purchase tickets online or at one of two ticket counters located near each entrance: one near Via Giolitti 33b; another near Via Panisperna 5a

Gelato Shops

Italy is known for its gelato, and you’ll find shops all over the country. When you’re looking for a good place to sample some of Italy’s best desserts, look for these signs:

  • A line out the door–or at least a few people waiting outside
  • Lots of flavors on display in the window (and maybe even a few samples)
  • Bright colors on the walls or decorations inside that make it look like fun place to be

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, also known as the Campanile di Santa Maria Assunta, is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. It was built in 1174 and completed in 1372, but it began to lean soon after construction began. The tower stands at 55 meters (180 feet) tall and leans at an angle of 5 degrees from vertical; this means that if you were to stand on one side of the base, your head would be closer to earth than your feet!

The best way for kids to experience this landmark is by climbing up its 294 steps–but don’t worry: there’s an elevator option too! From up top they’ll get amazing views over Pisa’s historic center and surrounding countryside while learning about how its architecture came together over time through interactive multimedia displays inside each room (there are six floors). You can also explore some nearby attractions like Santo Stefano Church or visit nearby seaside towns like Viareggio or Lucca just outside city limits


Lucca is a city in Tuscany, Italy. It’s located about an hour from Pisa and Florence, so it makes for a great day trip from either of those cities.

The highlight of Lucca is its medieval walls–they’re still intact and are fun to walk around! You can also see some Roman ruins within the walls as well as many churches and palaces that were built during medieval times. If you want to get outside of Lucca for some nature time, there are several parks nearby where kids can play or run around on trails (or just enjoy being outside).

If your family likes pizza or pasta dishes like spaghetti bolognese (spaghetti with ground beef sauce), then I recommend trying out some restaurants while visiting here: Ristorante Alla Spina (best known for their beer selection) and Osteria di San Lorenzo (good food at reasonable prices).


Gardaland is located in northern Italy, near Lake Garda. It’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for something fun and exciting that’s also family friendly. The park has over 50 rides and attractions, including some of the most popular ones in Europe:

  • Trenino Verde (Green Train) – This train ride takes visitors through an enchanted forest filled with animated characters from Italian fairy tales.
  • Citta’ delle Meraviglie (City of Wonders) – This indoor attraction features dozens of interactive exhibits where kids can play games or learn about different cultures around the world.
  • Happy Express – A 4D roller coaster ride that takes guests through different scenes while they’re riding on their seats!
  • Gardaland offers several dining options as well: Pizza Village serves pizza by the slice; Barbecue Garden serves grilled meats; Gelato Village offers gelato ice cream cones; and Cafe’ delle Ville has coffee drinks made from locally grown beans!

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s located on the south-western coast of Italy, and stretches from Sorrento to Salerno. The area is known for its rugged cliffs and breathtaking views of the sea below.

The best way to explore this region is by road or train; however if you’re traveling with kids it can be difficult as there are no direct flights into Naples (the closest airport). You’ll need to take a bus or train from Rome or Florence first before transferring onto another bus or train heading towards Positano or Amalfi. If you want something more adventurous than driving yourself around then hiring a car might be better suited for you – but remember that there are some narrow roads so make sure your vehicle has good clearance!

When exploring this area make sure that wherever possible take advantage of any free time available during daylight hours so that everyone can enjoy seeing everything without having too much pressure on finding somewhere safe enough for them during nightfall (especially if traveling off season).

Rabbit Beach in Sicily

Rabbit Beach is located in the southern part of Sicily, on the island’s east coast. It’s a bit of a drive from Palermo or Trapani (about 1 hour) but worth it for the beautiful scenery and fun activities for kids. There are plenty of things to do here: you can swim in the sea or take a boat ride around the island; there are also several restaurants nearby if you want to stop for lunch before heading back home!


Italy is a destination that should be on every family’s travel bucket list. From its rich history and culture to its delicious food and beautiful landscapes, there’s something for everyone in this amazing country. Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or 5-year-olds, these family-friendly attractions in Italy are sure to keep your kids entertained and engaged throughout your stay.

The Colosseum in Rome, Museo Explora in Milan, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are perfect for history buffs and those interested in science and architecture. Meanwhile, the Grand Canal in Venice and Rabbit Beach in Sicily offer stunning views and opportunities for outdoor activities. For those seeking adventure and thrilling rides, Gardaland is the place to be!

In conclusion, Italy has so many family-friendly attractions and destinations that it’s impossible to see them all in one trip. However, with this guide, you now have a starting point for planning your family vacation in Italy. Don’t forget to try some gelato while you’re there!

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