Top 3 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Uganda

Tourist Attractions in Uganda

Uganda, the East African country has been one of the most popular African countries among travellers. This country has always been loved by western travellers, in fact, the country has been nicknamed as ‘the pearl of Africa’ by Winston Churchill. The landscape of Uganda is varied – full of huge mountains, great lakes, dense jungles and vast savannas. Along with its beautiful landscapes, the country enjoys one of the most biodiverse environments in the whole world. Starting from lions, gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, elephants to hundreds of species of birds and insects, you can see an array of animals when you go for a wildlife tour in Uganda.With all its beauty and its beasts, Uganda is a country which everyone must visit at least once in their lives. And if you are planning your next vacation to Uganda, here are the top 5 tourist attractions you must check out.

1. Murchison Falls

Being one of the largest and grandest waterfalls in Uganda, the Murchison Falls is truly a sight to behold. The Murchison Falls National Park is full of beautiful and varied wildlife, in fact, it is the largest national park in the entire country, but it is the Murchison Falls which make it a must-visit place. This nearly 3840 square kilometres huge park is dissected the great Nile River, which plunges 141 feet downwards to create this breathtaking beauty. Going on a cruise through the Nile River to see the mouth of this waterfall is an experience which will surely be etched in your memories for a lifetime.

2. Lake Victoria

Being one of the African Great Lakes, it is no wonder that Lake Victoria should surely be in your must-visit list of tourist attractions. This huge lake has a surface area of nearly 68,800 square kilometres. Home to the famous tourist destination Ssese Islands, Lake Victoria is something which you have to witness when you travel to Uganda. If you have time, you can also spend a few days on one of the islands here. The islands lie beautiful with their sandy beaches, calm waves and wonderful sunshine. The view of the gorgeous lake which you can enjoy while relaxing on one of these beaches is truly worth travelling for.

3. Bwindi Impenetrable Forests National Park

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forests National Park is surely one of the to-most tourist attractions you must visit in Uganda. This park is situated right on the edge of the Rift Valley. The topography of this national park is full of huge mountains and dense forests, which surely justifies the name. This UNESCO certified World Heritage Site offers a lot to its visitors. Starting from over 400 species of plants and trees to numerous species of insects, birds and mammals – the biodiversity of this park will surely blow you away. Gorilla trekking is one of the most popular activities which you can try out here. The park is home to nearly 320 gorillas, which gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these majestic primates in their natural habitat.

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