How to Give Back While Travelling

Traveling is considered to be one of the biggest privileges of life. There are many places full of experiences and adventure in all the seven continents. However, after traveling to most of these places, many travelers think of how they can give back to the communities they come across in their trips. These are some of the most suggested ways you can give back to the people you meet while traveling.


There are hundreds of organizations where you can make contributions to change someone else’s life. These microloans are used to fund new entrepreneurs in the various developing countries. In return, they help them to expand as well as start small businesses. Some organizations also give you a chance of visiting some of the impoverished regions and meet some of those people benefiting from the microloans. You can also make donations such as the Unicef charity donations.

Travel differently

There are those organizations that provide you with a different kind of traveling that are meant to make a difference to the places you visit. For instance, luxury safaris are offered in Africa and when on a trip to the Serengeti, you can take part in wildlife conservation activities such as planting microchips in endangered rhinos to help track them. This is also an anti- poaching move. Some travelers make donations to the people of the areas they travel to. Some pay school fees for the children or even buy the schools soccer balls.


Volunteering opportunities are countless with many organizations offering short and long term opportunities. There are those organizations where you can volunteer for free as they get their funding from other sources. Some other get their funds from the volunteers who are charged a small fee but in return provide lodging or even food. When looking for such organization, choose the most impactful of them all.

Support Local Businesses

By simply deciding where you do your shopping, you can make a great impact to the places you visit or come across while on your trip. Having your meals in small family –run restaurants and stores can have a greater impact than dining in those multinational hotels and restaurants. Buy your stuff from the local shops and markets instead of the big malls in the city.

Use Public Transportation

Using public transportation in the cities such as trains and coaches to travel to new destinations can also be a great way of giving back. This is especially for those seeking to reduce their impact on the environment. To avoid buying bottled water and disposing the bottles on your way, ensure that you carry your own clean water whenever it is possible. You can also carry some carbon offsets to help mitigate your impact on the environment you travel through. You can also opt to walk in local shoes which can also lead to incredible experiences.

One of the most important parts of traveling is being an ambassador of your country and the place you travel to. This also includes learning their cultures and sharing your own. Ensure that you respect the people in the places you visit and be friendly. These are some of the most suggested ways of giving back while traveling.

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