Explore Penang Island in Malaysia

Penang Island

Penang Island is considered the Orient’s pearl as it possesses unique cultural splendor and natural beauty, unlike any other place. Penang name is derived from a Malay translation of the betel nut called “Pinang.” Thousands of visitors flock to the islands to experience their sceneries and cultural heritage. The islands have of late been a cosmopolitan and are the 2nd busiest place in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur.

Here are some famous attractions of Penang Island.

Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang

Kek Lok happens to be the most important Buddhist temple in Malaysia, and it also happens to be the largest. The temple is built on a hilltop in Air Tam next to Penang hill. The entire complex is further subdivided into three major zones, the souvenir, the hill entrance, the turtle liberation pond, as well as food and drinks stall all comprise the ground section, the midsection features romantic gardens, the pagoda as well as the 4 heavenly king pavilions. The last section is the hilltop, which features a large statuette of the Kuan Yin, goddess of Mercy, and more temples and gardens.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, a boutique hotel that’s one of Penang’s best-known attractions in an ornate edifice built in the traditional Hakka – Teochew style. Located at 14 Leith Street, the structure was erected in the 1880s when Hakka merchant Cheong Fatt Tze commissioned its construction.

Penang Road

Penang road is a great tourist attraction on this island, and it resembles Hollywood Rodeo drive. The street is debatably the most essential of all streets in Penang. The great road runs from the prominent Lebur Farquah in the upper North to the famous Jalan Gurdwara near KOMTAR tower in the South. The tower is also near the popular junction of the infamous Macalister Road. What makes the road a must-visit is its diverse mix of culture, the Nouveau riche, and appealing heritage. The road is brightly lit and is subdivided into four sections. The best of all sections is undoubtedly Upper Penang Road. Its wide walkways are tourist-friendly, and many greeneries are on either side.

Penang hill

The famous Penang hill served as Peninsular, Malaysia’s first colonial hill station. The hills comprise Tiger hill, Western hill, Government hill, Flagstaff hill, and Bukit Laksamana hill, all located 6 km from Georg town. The heavily forested area and the hill too serves as the state’s major hill resort. The hill towers 821 meters higher than Penang’s capital and is about 4 – 6 degrees cooler, its general name among the residents is Bukit Bendera. Some of the hills tropical rainforests are state-owned and have been protected from encroachment by people. There are plenty of both Flora and Fauna. However, Cameron highlands, Traser hills, and Genting highlands are more prominent. Tourists adore Penang Hill due to its fresh and clean climate.

Tropical Spice Garden

These gardens have over 499 species of flora and fauna, all exotic. The award-winning garden is referred to as a living museum owing to its great botanical gardens that are well stretched over the eight acres of nature-conserved land. On it, tourists like to see the streams that cross the eleven garden trails, awesome waterfalls, and imaginary structures made from recycled organic materials. The garden features a spice café offering some herbal tea and a romantic view of Teluk Bahang; there’s also a gift center where you can shop some lovely products.

Penang Island is an excellent place to visit once you get to Malaysia. The island has lots to offer in terms of attractions, and you might consider exploring other places on the island too. The island is an ideal destination to travel to with your family or kids.

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