Unveiling the Enchanting Ubud: Your Ultimate Bali Travel Guide

Ubud Bali travel guide

Have you ever visited to the spirit awakening, lush green terrace farming, surrounded by the cool and peaceful mountains of the Indonesian city Ubud, Bali? If not then definitely you should visit Bali’s cultural heart and if you have already have witnesses the enchantress and experienced the warm hospitality of ubud then I am sure that you are going to spend your next holiday in Ubud.

Glimpse of Ubud

Ubud is continuously attracting talented cultivating and tourists every year, which is centrally located 12 miles north of Kuta or one hour driving to reach Udub, in Gianyar district.

The place is basically constituted with several villages, which is surrounded by Padang Tegal and Nyuhkhung from the south, Peliatan and Kutuh from the east, Sayan from the west and Kedewatan from the North West. Two main rivers which pass through are Wos barat and Wos timur.

It has its own significance in arts and rich culture including dance, painting, music, wood carving hand-made crafts and authentic food items.

The local people around the village create numerous, charming, antiques, crafts, handmade tribal painting, jewellery and attire.

You can get types of continental, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and prominently varieties of rice and seafood to satisfy your taste buds.

Exploring Ubud

Here is your whole plan for your memorable trip.


From all corner of the world you can book your flight tickets for Ubud, which has located in the interior part, from where the nearest airport is Bali airport. From the airport you can hire a taxi to reach Ubud which takes just one and half hour to get there.


Ubud royal palace was built in 1823 by royal king Tjokorda Kutu Kand inherited by his successive. The palace has attractive massive architecture, glance of the history of Ubud and an eye catching garden in its surrounding arena. During the evening the palace organized traditional and authentic dance performances, for they sell the tickets in the afternoon.


Ubud has rich historical culture and they can be seen when you step in to few museums. It includes Worth watching museums like

Agung rai museum of arts

Neka art museum

Don Antonio blanco museum

museum Puri lukisan

Semar kuning artist cooperative

TAKSU photo gallery

Rudana museum

Dini bali

Heyokah art house

I.B.sutarja mask gallery, etc.


Ubu oka is a popular pork dish of Bali. Ibu Oka is a stuffed pork meat with garlic, galangal. Turmeric, lemongrass and burst of chilies marinated in coconut milk and cooked in slow fire.


You can find hundreds of hotels, restaurants and spa where you get facilitate your body massage, spa, warm bath, acupuncture, manicure and pedicure and a traditional way to heal and soothe your five senses. Check out Traveloka.com to book your accommodation in an easy and fast process.


It would be great privilege to witness the beauty of man-made rice cultivation which gives a unique and marvelous panorama of traditional Balinese cooperative irrigational system to feel the real life beauty within inside.


This place is a nature reserve specially for monkeys and a big Hindu temple complex. It’s officially known as “sacred monkey forest sanctuary“.

Book yourself

Most important factors decides, that when you should visit to any new location which is, climate, ideal temperature and precipitation.

Weather wise the best time to visit Ubud is during June to September. The temperature is under controlled it ranges between 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius maximum which might get few amount of rainfall.

But the climate and the temperature remains the same throughout the year so you can pack your bags when ever get your holidays

You can book yourself and your family for hotels and travel packages either online websites or through phone.

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