Important Things to Consider For Long Road Trips

Road Trips

The usual “friend hang out” has evolved into something more daring and adventurous. All these years simply eating out or going to the mall has become quite a menial thing to do with friends. The reason for this, of course, is because other avenues to have a good time have been made accessible to people as young as teens. Stuff like indoor surfing and whatnot. And why should that be a chance you should pass up, right? But you know what does not get old? Road trips.

Oh, the glorious mix of long road travels and a fun company has always been the go-to trip. Some would go even go as far as traveling to another country, get a car rental in New Zealand for instance, and then DIY their trip from there. That is doubly exciting, daringly new, and more importantly, definitely perfect for bonding.

If this is the kind of thing you would like to do with your friends, well, do not jump into without going over this list of things you can do during long road trips.

Brings lots of food

Friends should not let friends starve during a long road trip. Everyone form bonds through food, so there is no reason for you and your friends to do the same in a car. People usually bring lots of junk food and soda during road trips, and these are completely fine to bring. But consider bringing in sandwiches, biscuits, water and such so that your stomachs would not have to complain during the drive.

Make a road trip playlist

List down all the songs you enjoy listening. It should not matter which genre it is or who the singer is, for as long as the whole group enjoys it, chuck it in the playlist. You can seriously turn a road trip into your very own Karaoke car trip. This is best during moments when everyone seems to be awake but are looking for something to distract them.

List group games

Another way to distract your friends is playing games. You can go old school and play truth or dare, “Never have I ever…”, or any iteration of those. Do quiz games about your friends or any common knowledge trivia. You can Google games or even make up a game of your own. But make sure it is not going to distract the driver too much.

Definitely map stops

One thing some travellers often forget is the need for stopovers. Not only will this allow you to go to the washroom if you need it, but sitting in a car for a very long time is not going to be good for your back or your legs. Just like in planes, it will also affect the blood flow in your body. So make sure to stop every now and then to stretch.

An important thing to remember about road trips is to make sure that no feels left out. Have everyone’s needs catered to and you will definitely enjoy the whole trip together.

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