Britain’s Best Road Trips

Being a relatively small country makes Britain the ideal place for road trip lovers. The whole experience is great as you listen to music, talk, stop at service stations, drive along motorways and even as you explore the United Kingdom’s countryside. The UK’s countryside or outside the cities, has some of the most beautiful rural areas especially in the scenic routes. The best road trip opportunities are usually during the summer holidays. If you begin your journey by landing in major airport such as Heathrow, you may want to consider obtaining a car rental in London, which has a lot to offer as well. Some of the best road trips in Britain include:

The EVO Triangle

The EVO Triangle got its name from the triangle that is formed by the A543, the A5 and the B4501. It is located in North Wales in the heart of the Denbigh Moors. This is the favorite regions for car testing especially for the EVO magazine. The roads are amazing and together with the great scenery, you are sure to experience the best road trip.(Image by john medhurst)

Road Trips


This is one of the best places for a road trip as you get to see some of the best views in Britain. As you drive over Dartmoor, you will find pubs and bars almost everywhere. The Dartmoor also offers great camping opportunities besides the fact that it is not located far from the beach. It is the ideal place for road trip lovers.

The Cat and Fiddle

This is considered to be one of the ‘bendiest’ roads in the entire United Kingdom. It got its name from the inn located at its summit which is said to be Britain’s second highest. There are plenty of things to look at while on a road trip on the Cat and Fiddle. Visitors are offered great views over Manchester, Cheshire Plain as well as the Peak District Park.

Penrith to Haydon

A while back, the AA named this route from Penrith to Haydon as the best driving road in the entire United Kingdom. This road is very popular especially during the summer season. A drive on this route takes you right next to the Northumberland National Park as well as through several sleepy towns. In addition to offering spectacular views, you also get to drive over several bridges.

Cheddar Gorge

When you are on a road trip to the West Country, the best routine to take is the Cheddar Gorge instead of driving right out into the Styx. The Cheddar Gorge is very popular with numerous tourist attractions and also for its distinctive local cider. It is located just a short distance from Bristol and not far from the coast.(Image by philny)

Road Trips

St. Ives to St. Just

This is a popular route in the Southwest coast path and in found in Cornwall. The route from St. Ives to St. Just is popular especially due to its plenty of sea view as it goes round the place around the Penzance. This is definitely a road trip route to check out.

There are many other great road trips that you can take in the United Kingdom. Some other routes include the Woodhead Pass, Invergarry to Skye, Abergwesyn Mountain Road and the Snake Pass. Start making plans to go have fun in some of these great road trips on your next summer holiday.

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