Hassle-Free Holidays: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation for your holiday

Holidays are unique and we all like to spend them differently; some of us long for days sipping cocktails on sandy beaches in the sun, whilst others thrive on the hustle and bustle of a city break. Just as choosing the right destination is a must, so too is choosing the right accommodation. Here are our tips on choosing the right accommodation for you.

The Social Traveller

Those who love to socialise, are travelling in a group, or who anticipate spending a lot of time entertaining, could definitely benefit from spending the extra cash to stay in a suite.

Suites in the best hotels in Las Vegas are surprisingly reasonably priced compared to those in other resorts around the world and are definitely conducive to taking the party back to yours at the end of the night.

On the other side of the scale, anyone sailing on board luxury cruise line Cunard can opt to stay in the ultimate opulence of the Queens Grills. The Grand Duplex on the Queen Mary 2 is the largest suite in the Cunard fleet at 2,249 sq.ft. and is the perfect place to entertain; seat eight guests at the formal dining table, enjoy cocktails from a fully stocked bar and serve pre-dinner canapés on the 300 sq.ft. balcony.

The Nature Loving Traveller

Outdoorsy types who love to go back to basics but can’t live without their home comforts will find a log cabin suits their needs perfectly.

Britain is home to some of the world’s most beautiful National Parks and the Peak District, Lake District and Snowdonia are just a handful of those that offer quaint log cabins situated amidst stunning scenery. Spend your days hiking or cycling, sipping real ales in local village pubs or simply relaxing in a boat on the river. Your location in the depths of the forest or on the edge of the lake needn’t mean going entirely back to basics; most log cabins come complete with modern kitchens for indulgent evening meals, flat screen TV’s for movie nights and hot tubs for ultimate relaxation.

The Party-Loving Traveller

If you would rather the party came to you, a private villa is the way to go when it comes to holiday accommodation. Get a group of friends or family together and head for the shores of the Mediterranean, where a private villa often works out to be more cost effective than individual hotel rooms.

Private pools come as standard with private villas in warmer destinations, with many also offering BBQ areas and outdoor seating areas where the party can continue long into the night. Let everyone contribute money towards a huge food shop in the local supermarket and spend your days coming and going as you please.

Private villas are great for large groups but also a fantastic option for couples who are only able to travel during school holidays but would rather avoid hotels teeming with young children. Similarly, a more isolated villa can be a popular choice for those who prefer a more authentic experience in destinations such asItaly or France.

The Anti-Tourist Traveller

If you hate to be slapped with the ‘tourist’ label and prefer to stay as far away from the well-trodden tourist trails as possible, Airbnb could be the perfect accommodation for you.

From loft apartments in Brooklyn to stately homes in the South of France, Airbnb hosts offer accommodation off the beaten track and provide the perfect way to venture outside your comfort zone and see the more authentic side of a destination. Choose whether you would prefer to rent a shared room, private room or entire place, read a little about your host and find the perfect accommodation in the perfect place for you. Airbnb often sees entire houses or apartments available for much less than the cost of a single hotel room and sharing with your host can be a great way to get to keep your own space whilst at the same time getting to know the best bits a city has to offer from a local perspective.

The Explorative Traveller

If you spend your holidays exploring new places from dawn until dusk, save your money and opt for a standard hotel room. When you spend every day walking and adventuring, all that matters when you get home is a great shower and a comfy bed. Suites may be a luxury retreat after a day at the beach but if you’re travelling alone and using your hotel simply as a base, you will rarely reap the rewards of such a big space.

Mediterranean cities such as Rome, Lisbon and Barcelona are brimming with sights that will fill your days to the brim. Choose a hotel in the centre of the city to put you at the heart of the action and make travelling in any direction a breeze.

About the Author: Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is the Managing Director of Bolsover Cruise Club. When not running the cruise club, Michael enjoys time with his family as well as spending time in his garden.

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