Pushkar Fair: A Vibrant Celebration of Culture and Traditions

Pushkar fair

Rangji or Rangnath Temple

Rangji Temple was built in 1823 by Ganeriwal. This unique temple is influenced by South Indians and the Mughal style of architecture is visible throughout the temple. Foreigners aren’t allowed to enter this temple, however, you are permitted to take photos from outside.

Hot air balloon ride

If you want to experience the vibrant town and its sweeping landscapes from an alternative angle, why not take a hot air balloon ride. You’ll be able to look down the many temples and ghats of Pushkar as well as catch a glimpse of the desert.

Craft shops

One of the best places for shopping is Rajasthan area in Pushkar. This is home to a number of market stalls and traditional craft stores. If you’re looking for souvenirs, take a look at the textiles, leather goods, and jewellery shops that are situated in the main bazaar.

Pushkar fair

The fair in Pushkar takes place every November and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visitors. The fair brings together lots of traders, farmers, and tourists with numerous items to take home with you. At the fair, you can find traditional ornaments and handmade jewellery. You can also find a large variety of traditional Indian apparel and henna tattoo designs.

Camel safari in November

Pushkar is most famous for its camel safari. But if your visit doesn’t coincide with the fair, you can still have a similar experience at the safari. Most tour operators can arrange half-day or full-day itineraries as well as nearby accommodation. You should also make sure you have adequate travel insurance set in place when booking your holiday to India.


The miniature painting school in Kishangarh allows visitors to explore the artistic heritage of Pushkar. At the local market stalls, you can easily pick up paintings on stone or wood for reasonable prices. Look out in particular for reproductions of the famous portrait of Krishna.

Brahma Temple

This is the only temple of its kind in India. Brahma temple is not just rate but it signifies the importance role of gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Brahma Temple represents the god who created the universe. The beautifully painted shades of blue and red on marble and stone slabs believed to be almost 2000 years old! If you’re going to visit a temple in Pushkar, make sure you don’t miss out on this ancient and unique place of worship.

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