10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Majorca

Tourist Attractions in Majorca

Majorca boasts of a Mediterranean climate with beautiful sandy beaches. The city is a popular holiday destination visited year-round. Majorca is a rocking nightlife city full of sunbathing spots that attract visitors worldwide. One can choose from the numerous beautiful locations ranging from the island to huge water parks and the historical Palma.

Here are the 10 most popular tourist attractions in Majorca, the preferred attraction, activities, Destinations, Visit, and Majorca destinations:

The Palma Cathedral

Santa Maria of Palma Cathedral, referred to by many simply as La Seu, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Majorca, Spain. The building was built in 1229 by King James Aragon and was only completed in 1601. The Palma Cathedral strategically faces the Mediterranean ocean and is outstanding in its surroundings, and one could think that its flying buttresses and standalone walls rise from the waters.

Alaro Castle

One needs to be fit to explore these ancient ruins strategically anchored on the Piug D’ Alaro. It is, however, worth the effort after climbing to the Alaro, a spectacular ancient ruins staring at Alaro Town, the home to “Orient Valley,” where a snarling road is built to take one to the hilltop.

Almudaina Palace

Almudaina was initially an Arab fortress, but at the beginning of the 14th century, the palace became the Spanish Royal Family residence through King Jaume II. This place is lovely and worth visiting while traveling to Majorca. Though the building is empty, there is much to learn, view and have fun with. The Almudaina is located just at the city entrance and easily accessible; there is also a museum in the ancient building.

Calvary Steps

It is more challenging to climb the Calvary steps than it may seem. There are spots where the walkers can stop for a rest while having spectacular views, plus a few shops along the way. Cypress trees align the staircases, and people get a fantastic view from the top of the steps.

Casino De Mallorca Games

Casino De Mallorca is a must-visit when at Majorca. Very luxurious setting attracting thousands of visitors to spectate and play at the casino

El Laberinto Maze Fun Park

El Laberinto Maze is a unique wooden with many kilometers of passages that challenge players. The maze is fixed with pirates, clowns, and many other aspects to make it more fun. The shows are held other in the morning and the afternoon.

Ferrocarril De Soller Ride

This special and unique ride can only be experienced in the city. Ferrocarril De Soller is an electric train that travels from Soller to Palma de Mallorca and back to the North West island coast.

The Bellver Castle

The Bellever Castle is a 14the century-ancient ruin built on the outskirts of Palma Majorca.

Fiesta Rey and Jaume

A huge annual festival held annually at Santa Ponsa. The event begins at the beginning of every September and lasts about two weeks.

Mallorca Balloons

A visitor can get to flee the balloons at the Majorca Balloon Airport. Flying across the city in balloons gives a beautiful experience worth remembering.


These are the 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Majorca that attraction, activities, Destinations, Visit, Majorca

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