Tenant Hunting: How to Find the Ideal Tenants for Your Rental Property

how to find ideal tenants for rental property

Advice on How to Find the Ideal Tenants for Your Rental Property the human population grows and the demand for personal living space increases, property is slowly becoming more and more valuable. As such, this type of asset is highly valuable in our modern times, and can net you fantastic additional income if you choose to rent it out. However, leasing is not always easy, and there are times when bad occupants take advantage of naïve landlords, which is why this article aims to help you find great tenants the first time, all without having to learn all of this the hard way.

As such, this articles outlines some very helpful guidelines that can help you attract those who will respect you and your home, rather than simply aim to take advantage of you.

Take Great Pictures for a Great First Impression

While some people enjoy going the extra mile to hire a professional photographer, you do not necessarily have to take it that far. However, it is important that you take decent pictures, as these will likely be the first impression of your property for all who are interested. So be sure to carefully consider how you would like to stage each room – whether you want to show off the cascading light shining through the big windows in your lounge, or the lively atmosphere of your outside entertainment area at night. This will not only help others identify the true value of your home and see it from your perspective, but will also help potential tenants imagine themselves enjoying the unique aspects of the property.

Additionally, if you do want to go the extra mile to ensure that your home looks amazing to every visitor or viewer, you can hire a professional stager and photographer to set up your living space and photograph it at its best. Furthermore, while this would typically be an unreasonable expense every time you put your property on the market, you actually only have to do it once. After the first time, you can reuse your pictures, attracting future residents with the same welcoming first impressions year after year.

Remember though, you do not have to go that far to present your house, and with just a little bit of time, effort and consideration, you can take great pictures yourself and entice great tenants into visiting your home personally. The following are some tips for taking photographs that will accentuate the prime features of your home:

  • Holding Your Camera Steady – This is one of the trickiest parts of any photography, which is why professionals utilize tripods and camera stands to hold the camera still for them. At home, rather than buying a tripod or stand, you can use the backrest of a chair or a stack of books on a table to get the right height for the shot. By doing so, your camera can remain steady and you can take clear, crisp pictures, rather than blurry shapes and colours.
  • The Right Lighting – While there are a few exceptions like an outside entertainment area, in which you will want to take pictures at night or at certain times of the day, you generally want to ensure that there is natural light in each picture. Natural light colors the room and takes away the incandescent or dull lighting that is often particularly visible in kitchen photographs. So open up the windows and curtains and wait for a bright sunny day before taking your pictures, so that your home will literally be presented in the best possible light.
  • Clear Up Any Mess – When living in a place for a long time, it is easy to start ignoring small messes around the house. However, for first-time viewers, these slightly untidy aspects are not only noticeable, but actually accentuated. So take a moment to view your home from the perspective of a potential tenant, or even ask a few friends to do it for you, so as to identify any untidy areas and make the property presentable.

Attracting Tenants – Using the Right Language

An aspect shared by a few knowledgebase sites, and noted on Family First, is that you need to speak the language that will attract the people you want. If you are looking for intelligent and well-read tenants, then bite the bullet and pay for advertising on sites where those people visit. Additionally, tweak the actual words and tone of your advertising to connect with such people. When posting a house for rent in Kuching using PropertyGuru Malaysia, you can look at other ads and emulate what they are doing right. Conversely, if you are looking to find college students to rent your property, connect on social media platforms and try to sound as lively and excitable as possible. By following this advice, you can hone your radar in on those specific renters, and find only the most ideal candidates.

Invest in Quality Advertising if You Want Quality Tenants

With so many options of free advertising in magazines, classifieds and even DIY posters, it is often difficult to justify spending money on quality advertising. However, as Investopedia notes, you need to remember that the best tenants, who are financially stable and intelligent, will be more likely to seek out quality advertising when searching for a property to rent. As such, you need to identify your target market, who would be ideal, and communicate to them where they will see your advertising. This way, you can avoid many of the leaseholders whom you would typically turn away, and focus more on those who will take care of your home, pay the monthly rent on time and, ultimately, not end up costing you while you are trying to earn additional income.

Finding the ideal people to rent to certainly is a tough task at the best of times, but can be made easier with the above advice. And remember: do not ever hesitate to speak with professionals when seeking insight on your property, as their years of experience will go a long way in ensuring great tenants and, ultimately, great profits.

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