Twilight Years Snow Adventures: Silver Surfers and Skiers Head to Oberau

If you are looking for one of the quieter and more genteel resorts in the Austrian Tyrol, then Obereau should definitely appeal. Silver surfers can search out a bargain and set off to Oberau, where they will find out why it has such a high level of appeal to older skiers who are not quite ready to hang up their skis just yet. Austria is enjoying a deserved resurgence in popularity and the Austrian Tourist board are understandably keen to extol the virtues of their part of the Alps. They have even been running some unique competitions such as the Austrian Quiz Taxi, to remind skiers of what they might be missing out on.

The Wildschönau Region

Oberau is the largest village in the Wildschönau region, which is located in the Hochtal area of the four centres that make up the Austrian Tirol. Surrounded by a series of villages, set about 3km apart from each other, Oberau sits in the middle of a triangle that is made up of Auffach and Niederau either side of it. It is an area that is renowned for its stunning mountain scenery and picture-postcard resorts, which includes Oberau in that beauty pageant.

Peace and Quiet

Oberau does not have the dense lift network that are to be found in neighbouring Auffach and Niederau, which is why it is so appealing to visitors who are perhaps entering their twilight years and value a warming hot chocolate looking out onto the mountains just as much as skiing down them. As this is one the quieter resorts in the area, you will find that Oberau only has a handful of hotels and just a couple of small shops and bars to choose from. The real beauty about this particular village is that it allows you to feel like you have escaped the modern world and return to a time when the pace of life was altogether more leisurely. That is not to say that Oberau doesn’t have its zany local celebrities to put a smile on your face. Pay a visit to the Gasthof Kellewirt that is run by the truly unique Hans, and you will find a character who is the epitome of eccentricity and thinks nothing of cycling down the piste, in the dark!

More on Your Doorstep

The lovely thing about staying in Oberau is that you can enjoy relative peace and tranquillity during your stay, but there are plenty of options if you want a bit more to do, right on your doorstep. If you take a trip into neighbouring Auffach, you will find that the Culture Hotel will be offering classical music and health treatments in equal measure, together with a health menu too. Niederau is regarded as the liveliest of the local villages and after you have enjoyed some live entertainment, you can always head back to Oberau for that hot chocolate and cosy chat by the fire.

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